Simple Connectivity

With Pycno Global SIM, deployment of sensors all around the world becomes effortless

  Each sensor comes with a Pycno SIM built-in.
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Pycno Global SIM comes built-in our Master sensors. That way you can start receiving data reliably.

Masters are identified with their red color


Supported Bands

GSM 850GSM 900GSM 1800GSM 1900

Dual antenna 4G/3G/2G SENSOR

Supported Bands

4G Version 1

GSM 900GSM 1800UMTS 850UMTS 900UMTS 2100LTE 2100LTE 1800LTE 850LTE 2600LTE 900LTE 800TD-LTE 2600TD-LTE 2300TD-LTE 2500


4G Version 2

GSM 850GSM 900GSM 1800GSM 1900UMTS 850UMTS 900UMTS 1900UMTS 2100LTE 2100LTE 1900LTE 1800LTE 1700LTE 850LTE 2600LTE 900LTE 700
Support for more bands is coming soon

Sensor & SIM country compatibility

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CountryNetwork Operator2G3G4GEstimated Compatibility With Carrier

Search your Country or Network operator to see support in your area.

Supported network (Frequency & SIM)Unsupported network (*Unsupported Frequency, **SIM Tarrif restriction)

Why is a roaming SIM important for agricultural installations

Always connect to the best network

Prepaid SIMs are usually locked to one operator. This results in poor performance in rural environments where the competing operator might have better coverage. Pycno SIMs always roam, so they can connect to the best network.

No contracts, No renewals

Pycno sensor comes ready to send data out of the box. The SIM cost is included in your selected plan.

Tailored SIM Tariff

Normal cellphone contracts offer 99.9% more data than what is needed for the sensor. Local operator SIMs are also locked to one network which might become a single point of failure.

For distributors - Advanced management

Distributors that have multiple deployments in multiple regions can manage SIMs from their dashboard. Commission, decommission and management of sensors is all encapsulated in one place.
Contact us if you want to be a distributor of Pycno Sensors


Node sensors use the nearby Master sensors as their gateway, hence removing the need for multiple SIMs.

Nodes are identified with their green color


Operating Frequency

FSK 868-915MHz
Frequency is configured depending on the shipping country. To change frequency after the sensor is received contact us.

This sensor is deprecated


Operating Frequency

LoRa™ Modulation 868-915MHz
Frequency is configured depending on the shipping country. To change frequency after the sensor is received contact us.

Mode of Operation

Node-to-Master communication
Dynamic Power adjustment

Range (Ideal, Line of Sight, Clear day)

Master to Node: 800 meters/0.5 miles

Range (Varies depending on Slope, Vegitation)

Master to Node: 500 meters/0.3 miles

Support for LoRaWAN is coming soon

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