About Pycno

Pycno aims to provide growers with tools that enable data-driven decisions.

Pycno started in the UK in 2014 as an idea, to develop innovative products for agricultural purposes. Throughout our interactions with growers, farm managers and agronomists, it was clear that a quick and easy solution to get data off of the field, visualize, and process it, was crucial.

After countless prototypes, in mid-2015, we started developing a new all-in-one sensor. This sensor would incorporate all the pieces that are usually sold as separate parts, the sensing elements (such as a soil sensor), the RTU and SIM, and the receiving software.

Because we started from scratch, we witnessed a lot of the issues that plagued the industry such as dated 2G and CDMA modems, no APIs, and convoluted RTU firmware versions that were incompatible with various sensors.

For a new farmer, that wants to use sensors in their growing cycle, the state of the ecosystem is very intimidating. A typical grower has to gather all the potential sensors, RTUs, and software they want to use, and contact each vendor to ask for compatibility.
Pycno's sensors and gateways allow friction-less installation and global data collection paired with our powerful software and APIs.